My offer :

  • PADI diving courses.
  • Day and night diving , from a boat on the beautiful reefs and wrecks of the Red Sea.
  • Surface diving with a mask, snorkel and fins all included.
  • An introduction to diving under the supervision of an instructor, for those without a certificate.
  • Diving equipment included as part of the experience.
  • The price is negotiable.


The schedule includes the following :

Prior to the day of the dive, clients will be encouraged to meet before the event takes place to have a chat with our professional and friendly instructors to discuss any detail or concerns they may have regarding the dive.


  • A transfer is all included in the price to and from the hotel grounds to the location.
  • The diving boat departure starts at around 9.00am and we will endeavor to finish back at the port around 16:00 hours.
  • During the the first day two dives are conducted on different reefs, separated by about 2 hours rest and a wholesome meal and refreshments on the boat all included in the experience.

Those interested please contact me to pre-arrange and plan the days diving. There will be a questions and answers session where you will be able to ask anything about the diving experience and we will be only to happy to give you you all the answers you require to make this a safe and very enjoyable experience.  Our professional instructors are here to make sure you have the dive of your life.